IPhone Hacker Cable Goes on Sale

According to media reports, O.MG Lightning cables buy, developed by hackers specifically to hack Apple smartphones, have already appeared on the black market. Outwardly, the accessory practically does not differ from the standard one, but when connected to a gadget it opens up a number of opportunities for attackers to steal confidential information.

OMG Cable offers ordinary users the functionality they are accustomed to – using the cable, you can charge your iPhone and copy information. But in the hands of a hacker, the accessory turns into a powerful hacking tool. Thanks to a miniature wireless chip located in the accessory plug, you can remotely intercept keystrokes on your iPad, iPhone or Mac computers. The declared “range” of such a tool is about 1.6 kilometers.

iPhone Hacker Cable Goes on Sale

According to the cable’s creator, he developed it specifically to demonstrate the existence of vulnerabilities in the Lightning interface. In addition to gaining access to the text entered from the keyboard, O.MG Cable allows you to spoof USB device identifiers, activate other keyboard layouts, and create wireless access points that an attacker can connect to.

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According to Vice, the hacker cable, already on sale on the darknet, comes in a variety of configurations, including USB Type-C / Lightning. Its creators also stylized the packaging to resemble Apple-branded cables, and outwardly they are almost indistinguishable from the original. As a measure of protection against hacking, journalists suggested that Apple device owners use certified accessories labeled MFi.

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