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JioSaavn Pro Cracked Apk 6.6.1 Download – Best Platform To Listen Indian Music

No doubt there’s a bunch of online music streaming apps available on the internet. Now, the international brand such as Spotify is also taking part in the Indian market. But if we talk about India only then we would consider Saavn app the best. Why? Keep reading to know. Here in this article, you can download JioSaavn Pro Cracked Apk 6.6.1 Download.

JioSaavn App

Saavn app was launched in 2007 and now has teamed up with Jio which is why it’s known as JioSaavn. The app has now reached over 100M downloads on google play store. There are millions of songs to choose in 15 different languages. The app basically focuses on India so the majority of Indian songs from Bollywood, Tollywood etc can be found. But that doesn’t mean English songs aren’t available. There are quite a good number of English songs from old school rock to new generation pop are available to listen. If you want to read more about the app, consider visiting Saavn Pro Apk.

That was a quick overview, let’s discuss the overall view which includes accessibility, interface, performance and services of the application.

Download JioSaavn Pro 6.6.1 APK



Saavn can be accessed through an android app as well as web. The app is also available to IOS Users and Java Users which makes it the best music streaming application. If you consider streaming online on the web then you just have to search on a web browser.

Users can directly start using the service without even signing up which is an additional option to do. One can also create Playlists of songs and share on the web which is quite easy to do. And other more features are easy to access.


The app has a dynamic interface with a colour combination of Green and grey which look elegant. Moreover, if you stream through the web, a number of trending music album cover which is according to the language you chose at first. Simply select or search for any song to listen. Then a music drawer will pop up which include shuffle, repeat, playback controls and a few more additional features for signed in users such as send as a ringtone and share on social media which are very responsive.

If you are using on android/IOS platform which also has a dynamic interface and simple User Interface. You can sign in on the start screen, choose the language of the songs you prefer, access albums, search and play songs you like, create playlist and share among friends.


Performance wises its good as well. The application is very smooth and responsive. Works perfectly on any internet connection but you can easily feel the poor and high sound quality when you are streaming through 2G/3G network and 4G/WIFI networks respectively. Pop up ads can be a problem as well which display in between a song when you are using the app for free. You can also download songs in various qualities if you have premium service.


JioSaavn app has a limited service to India only which is why it’s loaded with millions of Hindi, Telugu, Madarasi, etc songs. It’s free to use on web as well as Android/IOS platform but has some restrictions such as ads, download feature, Songs quality. If you have a premium account, those restrictions won’t be a problem for you. The premium service can be avail at the lowest price of Rs30 and highest price of Rs999. However, if you are a Jio sim user, you can avail free 90days subscription.

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