Kirisakura-Kernel for OnePlus 8 Pro Download

Hello if you’re using Oneplus 8 Pro and love to flash custom ROM and rooting, then you probably know that custom kernel tweaks can. you have to keep knowledge about the custom rom and kernel-related, without knowing anythings can brick your device. So in this article, I have shared a good custom kernel for OnePlus 8 Pro device. You can download kirisakura kernel for Oneplus 8 pro.

What is Kirisakura Kernel?

Kirisakura – Kernel is designed to bring a handful of beneficial features to the device, while ensuring excellent performance and smoothness to get you safely through the day!

The project aims to keep most of the subsystem updated and security and performance while keeping stability as the foucs during testing! This includes Linux-Stable, CAF-Upstream and kernel/common.


File System related features:
– improve memory allocations in sdcardfs
– improve eventpoll logging to stop indicting timerfd (improves kernel wakelock readability)
– improve memory allocations in kernfs
– writeback: hardcode dirty_expire_centisecs=3000 based on this commit

UI/UX/Usability related features from CleanSlate:
– CleanSlate features made by @tbalden
– Flashlight Notification/Call blinking
– Vibrating Notification Reminder
– Sweep to Sleep touchscreen gesture – highly customizable
– DoubleTap on Sweep2Sleep’s area gestures – new way to pull down android Notification Area
– Face down screen off – new gesture
– Backlight Dimmer – possibility to use lower panel brightness (switch DC dimming off in Lab settings!)
– KCAL Color Control (credit to @savoca)

Network related features:
– Wireguard Support (Details)
– advanced TCP algorithms enabled
– includes new bbr and bbr2

Memory related features:
– Speculative Page Faults left enabled (12) (CAF default)
– various fixes for PSI-Monitor, which is used by the userspace lowmemorykiller-daemon
– Fix various memory leaks in different subsystems
– improved mm with patches from mainline
– various other changes from mainline
– included zstd as an option for ZRAM-algorithm (lz4 is probably the best all around, so only change it if you know why and what you are doing)
– improve memory allocations in various subsystems


  • Change various drivers (WLAN, MM, audio, charger, power, thermal, glink etc) to user power efficient workingqueues. This compliments EAS
  • Include cpuidle patches from CAF
  • Improvements to cpufreq/times/stats
  • Improve memory allocations in binder driver


  • GPU driver updated to latest CAF-State
  • Remove POPP functionality from GPU driver to avoid constant fight about downscaling with msm-adreno-tz
  • Don´t wake the gpu on touch input, instead wake when receiving an ioctl
  • Don´t copy fence names by default to save a bit of cpu-time (explanation)
  • Msm: kgsl: Stop slab shrinker when no more pages can be reclaimed

Download Kirisakura Kernel for OnePlus 8 Pro

Download Kirisakura Kernel

How to Flash the Kernel:

1. Download the latest and make sure you have properly updated to the latest matching OnePlus firmware. When OOS receives an update it takes OnePlus a while to release the source code for the new OS and me a while to build a new kernel. If you don´t want to face any issues, wait until I either release an updated kernel or give green light because there were no kernel changes.

1a. Optional: While it may not be necessary all times, you may want to restore stock boot.img, re-root with magisk and optionally install if coming from another kernel. Before reporting issues make sure you do that! Thank you!

2. Make sure to use latest Magisk-stable, if you choose to use Magisk.

3. Flash the via latest EXKM or FKM app, or TWRP (haven´t tested TWRP myself as I don´t need it) and do a full reboot.

4. Reboot and profit.

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