LED Drone Rocket Replaces Traditional Fireworks

Rammaxx specialists have come up with an unusual replacement for fireworks. They created a drone that can quickly pick up speed, illuminating the night sky with powerful LEDs and drawing a variety of shapes.

The LED Rocket quadcopter is presented as an eco-friendly version of conventional fireworks. It is powered by electricity and does not emit smoke and does not pose a potential explosion or fire hazard. The launch is carried out using a spring-loaded catapult, which provides a speed of up to 150 km / h during the ascent. Unlike fireworks, a drone can be used multiple times after a normal recharge.

Customization of various patterns is carried out using a mobile application, and the operating time in the air does not exceed 2 minutes. Since the drone weighed only 90g, it got a tiny battery. This also means that it can be recharged in just 30 seconds, after which the device is ready for use again. The user can combine up to five copters in a swarm, which will make the visuals even more impressive.

In the near future, it is planned to start a crowdfunding campaign. The estimated retail price of the drone is $ 199. There is no exact date of shipment yet.

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