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Mars Canyons HD Image Published by European Space Agency

The European Space Agency has published a high-resolution image of the surface of Mars. It shows a deep canyon system called by astronomers the Labyrinth of Night.

The image was taken with the CaSSIS camera onboard the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO). Since its arrival in 2016, its main purpose has been to study the atmospheric gases of the red planet. In addition, the space probe regularly transmits photographs of the surface of Mars. 

The new picture was taken on August 3, 2020, although it was only published now. It captures the entire complex of intersecting canyons of the Labyrinth of Night, stretching for 1200 kilometers. Many rock formations in some areas reach a height of 5 kilometers above the surface of Mars. The entire network of plateaus and trenches was formed as a result of tectonic processes on the Red Planet. It connects the western end of the Mariner Valley with the northern end of the Claritas furrows.

Mars Canyons – Click to See

On the right side of the image, you can see areas that look like terrestrial desert dunes. These linear ripples are shaped by the Martian winds.

You can download high-resolution photos from the website of the European Space Agency.

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