MediaTek 5G Enable Processor Annouced with Helio M70 Modem Based On Cortex-A77 CPU and Mali-G77 GPU

Just a few days ago ARM announced their new architecture Cortex A77 with Mali G77 GPU, with this process MediaTek just announced they will launch very soon a 5G processor with Helio M70 modem. The company vacated the high-end SoC market to compete with Snapdragon.

The Helio M70 modem is a multi-mode 5G chipset that supports both 5G SA (stand alone) and NSA (non-stand alone) sub-6GHz networks. This means that it supports 2G/3G/4G to bridge existing network access while 5G networks start rolling out in limited scale. It’s important to note here that the modem does not support millimeter wave 5G networks (mmWave). mmWave as a technology has only been adopted by US carriers so far, while other carriers across the globe are focusing on sub-6GHz 5G.

The 5G modem of Helio M70 features 4.7Gbps maximum download speeds and 2.5Gbps maximum upload speeds, along with multi-mode support for 2G/3G/4G and dynamic power sharing that allocates 5G bandwidth required for specific applications to improve modem power efficiency by 50% and extend battery life, according to MediaTek. 

MediaTek 5G Processor Feature

  • supports 4K video encode/decode at 60fps
  • Support up to the 80MP camera
  • 6GHz 5G network support
  • 7nm Finfet based on latest Cortex A77
  • Better power efficiency compared to previous version SoC
  • New Radio (NR) 2 Component Carrier support, as well as dual connectivity for LTE and 5G (EN-DC).

MediaTek 5G Processor Launch Date

The MediaTek 5G SoC will be ready for lead customer samples in Q3 2019 and will be in commercial devices by Q1 of 2020, according to the company. MediaTek promises to reveal the SoC’s full specifications in the coming months.

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