Microsoft Surface Duo Body Cracks During Normal Usage

The Surface Duo foldable dual-screen smartphone that went on sale last month surprised many with its thickness. It is only 4.8 mm when unfolded. As it turned out, Microsoft’s desire to make the gadget as compact as possible led to a number of problems. So, the body of the device simply cracks during normal use.

Back in September, one of the Surface Duo owners tweeted that his smartphone had a cracked body near the USB Type-C connector when he put it in his pocket. The fact is that in this place there is a very thin plastic that cannot withstand the slightest bending. Since then, reviews from other users who have encountered the same problem have appeared on the network. For some devices, a piece of plastic around the connector disappears altogether. 

The most common breakdown occurs when you connect the cable to Surface Duo or use your smartphone while it is charging. As a solution, users recommend using a magnetic charging adapter that plugs into USB Type-C and doesn’t get out of there. However, such a constructive omission is not expected in a $ 1400 device.

It is worth noting that despite the small thickness and plastic body, the smartphone nevertheless passed the Zach Nielson test of strength . 

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