MIUI 13 For Xiaomi-Mi 11i Download

The very popular phone Xiaomi-Mi 11i phone is a very popular device, just because when it was launched it came with a great budget and great budget and specification. So after a long time, Pocofone F1 received android 10 based on MIUI 12.5. Here you can download or track the latest update about MIUI 13 for Xiaomi-Mi 11i.

But we heard the news that MIUI 12.5 is now running on Xiaomi-Mi 11i series. MIUI 13 also lines up at its line. So you can download MIUI 13 download for the Xiaomi-Mi 11i device.

When Xiaomi-Mi 11i Get MIUI 13?

After MIUI 12.5 update is now running based on Android 10, and very soon it will receive version comes with Android 10 Xiaomi will prepare a rollout in china MIUI 13 for Xiaomi-Mi 11i Download for India.

Is Xiaomi-Mi 11i Based on Android 10

Yes it will came with Android 10 based Xiaomi-Mi 11i

MIUI 13 Download For Xiaomi-Mi 11i

Now you have to wait for MIUI 13 update then you will get MIUI 13. The MIUI 13 will come on Xiaomi-Mi 11i based on Android 10. The phone is now only receiving MIUI update, not any android update.

MIUI 13 Download For Xiaomi-Mi 11i

We are working on when the update will come to the surface when OTA server roll out the MIUI 13. We will inform you here.

Update 1:

Xiaomi-Mi 11i received MIUI 13 this build was preparing for the rollout soon. The MIUI 13 memory expansion technology or the Virtual RAM feature will immensely help older Xiaomi phones to offer some seamless performance.

The upcoming MIUI 13 update will include multiple improvements such as a new way to play in small window mode, new desktop icons, memory fusion technology, layered rendering system animation, new fonts, new sound effects, a new touch experience, and much more.

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