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There are tons of application out there which would promise you to provide with a safe and Secure network but themselves are not secure at all. Our main goal of the day is to ensure that you have access to every detail of your network and sure that no unwanted device is connected to your wireless internet connection. The NetCut Pro Apk 1.4.9 application does the same job.

We all know that wireless networks are the most prone to hacks and can land you in hot water in case you are not persistent about your wireless security. Personally, I would prefer that you could get Hitech Internet Security installed in the form of various antiviruses which would make sure that your network is Malware free. Even though if you have an internet antivirus installed you still won’t be able to stop unwanted devices from entering your network.

About NetCut Apk Pro

The netcut application has been around for a while now. It was massively popular among PC users and recently it has shown prominence in the smartphone market as well with the increase in the demands of internet security online. The only issue with the NetCut APK is that it is available only on the Android smartphone OS as iOS still doesn’t have security testing settings available.

Features Of NetCut Pro Application

1. You can quickly detect all network user in WIFI, even when your phone has no valid IP address or not been granted use wifi internet. as long as you connected to any WIFI,’s netcut      can work.
2. Set on/off line to any network users, including phone/xbox, softphone, PS3, PS4 etc.
3, You can cut off network between two network users within LAN, by setting one of the users as “gateways”, then cut off the other users, then those two users won’t be able to talk to each other, eg: Apple TV, Google TV, xiaomi box, cut off the phone connection to those boxes, will disable screencast like feature.
4. Netcut Defender built in. (turn on and off in one click)
5. Scan network when you feel there are users still on the network and you can’t see it.
6. Check phone type, netcut will be able list type of phones.
7. Give user easy to remember name. Long press any network user, a popup window will allow you input name for the user.
8, Detect attacker, if anyone tries to play arp spoof to you, you will be able to see it from netcut directly.

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How To Install NetCut Apk Download On Android Device?

Now that you are fully aware of NetCut Apk and its features. It’s time to move towards the installation guide of the article. Well, the app doesn’t need any hefty requirements to run. You need to have a working internet connection along with the NetCut Apk to install on your device.

Step 1. First of all, download NetCut Apk on your Android smartphone from the download link given. Make sure to remember the location where you have saved the file.

Step 2. Once downloaded, you need to enable the Unknown Sources on your Android device. For that, head to the Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and then enable it.

Step 3. Once enabled, you need to head to the location where you have saved NetCut Apk and then open it and tap on ‘Install’

Step 4. Wait for few seconds until the app installs on your Android smartphone. Once installed, open your App drawer and tap on NetCut Apk

Step 5. Open NetCut Apk and cut network signal when you want to.

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