New Xiaomi technology increases the autonomy of smartphones

Xiaomi has announced a breakthrough technology that allows mobile devices to fit larger batteries with the same dimensions. According to the company’s estimates, this will increase the battery life of smartphones by more than an hour and a half.

The essence of the development is to use a new arrangement method and increase the silicon content by three times due to high-silicon lithium additives. Xiaomi was the first to apply this solution to smartphones. This allows you to increase the battery capacity by 10% while maintaining its size. In addition, the battery life of smartphones equipped with such batteries is increased by 100 minutes. Additionally, it is said about support for fast charging with a capacity of 67 watts.

Traditional battery (left) and designed by Xiaomi (right)

The Xiaomi report also contains information on the use of proprietary algorithms and a power controller to reduce the effect of high temperatures on batteries and increase their service life.

Serial production of batteries using the new technology will start in the second half of next year. More details about development can be found at the link .

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