Nokia 400 Phone On Android Lit up on Video

A video of the canceled push-button phone on Android has appeared on the network. It was called the Nokia 400 and was developed in 2019. The control is completely carried out from the keyboard, and the menu contains standard programs, including Google Chrome, YouTube, Share and Camera.

Several years ago, it became known about Google’s attempt to release its own operating system for buttons. It was then that an unknown phone with the number TA-1208, which was supposed to be released under the name Nokia 400, appeared on the Wi-Fi Alliance website. Today it is forgotten, but the new video demonstrates the seriousness of Google’s intentions.

The phone should have received a small display without signs of touch input and a matte polycarbonate body. On the back you can see a removable battery and a camera. There is a standard headphone jack and a microUSB port. Traditionally, the SIM card and microSD card slot are located under the battery.

The Nokia 400 supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth data transfer. There is access to settings, including accounts, language change and many other commands familiar to each user. Airtel software can be found in the applications, which means that the phone was intended for the Indian market.

Apparently, the Nokia 400 was running Android 8.1.0 Oreo with August 2019 security patches and 512MB of RAM. You can study other details of the canceled device in the video above.

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