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Omega Kernel OOS11 Download [oneplus 9 pro]

Just a few days ago senior member ‘kristofpetho‘ has published the Omega Kernel oos11 for OnePlus 9 Pro device. it can replace the original kernel and comes with lots of tweaks support.

Features of Omega Kernel

  • Up to date with OxygenOS 11 source
  • Compiled with GNU GCC toolchain for maximum stability, with all warnings and errors fixed
  • Compiled with GCC’s cortex-a55 optimizations
  • Many tweaks under the hood for smoother UX, lower battery drain, etc.
  • BBR as the default congestion algorithm
  • Available to flash with AnyKernel3

Omega Kernel Download For Oneplus 9 Pro

Here it is a github link to download the kernel.

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