Oneplus 6 Vs Poco F1 Camera Compare

Oneplus 6 Vs Poco F1 Camera Compare

Oneplus 6 Vs Poco F1 Camera Compare It is very tough to select a good all rounder phone, in the same price range all company provide the same kind of features slightly different from others that very minor, In terms of flagship or flagship, killer segment its huge It can’t be a flagship phone if it does not have a dual camera module in the backside or triple  (although Samsung has launched the world first quadruple camera at rear side). All we know that how good camera in Oneplus phones, a flagship killer phone with flagship killer camera a Few years back the xioami’s customers faces one major  problem  is the camera, xioami provides a very good specs under the price brackets but not in camera but in 2018 xioami  everyone with launch their new sub-brand POCO  it has an amazing camera  in a minimum  price,

A quick specification and  camera comparison  both of the phones

Both of the phones have a dual real camera in the back but slightly different from each other

In the camera  department, all the company compromises to make their phone cheaper

Sensor size and specs

Xioami pocophone f1 have, 1/2.55″, Sony IMX363 large sensor size to preserving light and producing a good photo, it has 1.4µm pixels, and the most interesting feature of pocophone is it has dual pixel Phase Detection Auto Focus, And its front camera is 20MP f/2.0 and  0.9µm pixels

Oneplus 6 (main) has 25mm wide lens coupled with  1/2.6” Sony IMX519 sensor size and 1.22µm, OIS, PDAF. And secondary is 20 MP (16 MP effective), f/1.7, sony IMX371k 25mm (wide), 1/2.8″, 1.0µm, PDAFFront facing 16 MP has  f/2.0, 25mm wide lens , 1/3.1″image sensor and  1.0µm pixels.

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In the bright sunlight condition both of the cameras perform very similar. Images shot on the oneplus have better white balancing and the poco has the tendency for more warmer and its produced yellowish photos. Oneplus  has more detailing and sharpness but it makes more noise in the photos

Low light & Indoor lighting condition

But poco has extra benefit to having larger pixels when light drops that helps to capture more details  . in extream low light conditions the oneplus has an advantage due to a superior HDR mode when its turn of oneplus is worst but turning on  the HDR it can capture more details photos with aggressive HDR algorithm and makes lower noise levels

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

The dynamic range Is quite similar in both of the phones and pretty good. if you want better results you can turn on HDR morde, the HDR processing technology is more stronger in ONeplus 6 and as result you can get better images in Oneplus 6, in HDR oneplus gives more details  in highlight and shadows but in poco produced more warmer images

Portrait (Bokeh)

In portrait mode both the phones  are quite identical when it comes to edge detection  but you can see a big difference in sharpness  while the portion in focus is clearly rendered  on the poco f1 and seems to be softness in the Oneplus 6 in portrait the dynamic range is slightly better in the  oneplus 6 but the blur is stronger in the poco f1

Selfie (Front Camera)

The font facing camera is 16MP sony imx371 with 1.0µm pixels and f/2.0 on Oneplus 6 where the 2.MP f/2.0 with 0.9µm pixels on the poco f1. The Oneplus takes more natural looking photos with cooler temperature and the warmer tone in the poco f1. The details is more visible in the poco f1. But the portraits shot the poco gives better blurring in the background and also more sharpness on the subject while the Oneplus 6misses the blur on certain portion and also loses sharpness on subject


In video the Oneplus clearly winner, the oneplus is one of the best one the market and that’s even when you take smartphones of higher price segment into consideration it offers 4k 60fps withous EIS and in 4k 30fps with EIS, the videos are buttery smooth and have good details. One the other hand poco f1 can record 4k 30fps without EIS and 1080p at 30fps with EISThe bit rate on 4k is roughly the same  on the poco f1 and Oneplus 6. The front facing camera max output at 1080 at 30fps for both but poco f1 not have an EIS other hand Oneplus 6 has EIS for recording video and gives smooth video quality inbuilt microfone work better on Oneplus and video more sharp and punchy color ,oneplus has one stronger part it is super slowmotion yes it can record 480fps at 72p  and 120 and 240 fps at 1080p where as poco can record slow-motion video 240fps 1080p.

Manual camera

Manual mode is nothing but what a DSLR offers full control to their user , both this phone has fully controllable manual mode like custom white balancing ,manually control focusing from closer to infinity and iso and exposure compensation and most importantly exposure time/shutter seed the Oneplus 6 can open shutter by 30secs and 1/8000 faster shutter speed, where poco f1 support 32 secs of continuously opening  shutter


Overall is quite tough  to pick awinner these two smartphones poco f1 has better front facing camera better portrait mode and also shots with lower noise level but the oneplus 6 has solid power to shooting videos ability better low light performance and strong HDR mode if video shooting is more priority the oneplus 6 is the  good option with another thing to keep in mind is pricing the poco f1 offers more value for money , but if your budget is near about 35 – 40k according my opinion Oneplus  is not one of the best , It is the best phones in the price bracket but poco f1  price almost half of the oneplus , you can consider this if your budget is 20 -22k.  Both aregood but more bucks gives you more offers so its your decision which one is to buy and which one good in camera performance in price range.






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