Orange Fox Recovery – Redmi Note 8 Download [ginkgo]

Custom Recovery helps devices to use custom ROM and unofficial custom ROM flashable option. Also, you can root your device easily. So today share with you the latest version of Orange Fox recovery for Redmi Note 8 download the link below:

The Orange Fox Recovery Project is a Custom Recovery for Android Devices which is based on the TWRP source code. The Recovery supports both the Treble and non-Treble ROMs and Built-in support for installing init.d functionality, Magisk, and SuperSU. This Recovery brings Fox theme engine with a choice of themes, color scheme, and splash screen.

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Features of Orange Fox Recovery Project

  •  Supports Treble and non-Treble ROMs
  • Up-to-date kernel, built from sources
  • Increased compatibility with TWRP
  • Updated with latest TWRP commits
  • Built-in support for installing init.d functionality
  • Built-in support for installing Magisk
  • Built-in support for installing SuperSU (v2.82-201705271822 – non-Treble ROMs only)
  • AromaFM
  • White Flashlight
  • Password, torch, led
  • Support for Miui and Custom ROMs
  • Better language support
  • Optimized versions of community scripts
  • Fox theme engine:
    • choice of theme (black, dark, etc)
    • choice of color scheme
    • choice of splash screen
  • Alternative lock screen
  • Bug fixes
  • And many more!

orange fox recovery for

Orange Fox Recovery Redmi Note 8 Download

Download Now Recovery

File Name Orange Fox Recover
Type Custom Recovery
Size 42.74 MB
Device Redmi Note 8
Updated On Monday, 22 February 2021 03:22
Version R11.0_1

Change Logs:

  • Fixed decryption in Android 11 and some MIUI Enabled turn off screen feature

Old Version Of Orange Fox Recover Redmi Note 8

How to Flash Orange Fox Recovery on Redmi Note 8


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