Qualcomm has a shortage of mobile chips. Are we waiting for a shortage of smartphones?

Smartphone manufacturers continue to expand their assortment, but strong demand has already led to an excessive burden on chip makers. So, Qualcomm announced an increase in the delivery period for branded processors, and at the same time the shortage reached Bluetooth modules. According to experts, buyers in any case should be ready for the shortage of popular smartphones in retail.

During a recent conference, the head of the Redmi brand, Liu Weibing, announced a significant shortage of mobile processors for the release of branded products. This, he said, will disrupt the uninterrupted supply of smartphones to the market – the company simply does not have time to produce them. 

The realme brand faced a similar problem, a representative of which recently announced a shortage of essential Qualcomm chips, as well as power circuits and RF modules.

According to Chinese media reports, due to the imbalance between supply and demand for semiconductor products, the supply cycle of Qualcomm products has been extended to 30 weeks. As for the CSR Bluetooth audio chips, their shipping time is approximately 33 weeks from the date of order. According to analysts, by the end of the year, such a situation could lead to a tangible shortage of smartphones. How this will affect retail prices is still unknown.

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