Realme 3 Pro 960fps Video Actually Fake

According to the metadata of Realme 3 Pro, the phone cannot shoot 960fps actually because when a 960fps video footage recorded through a flagship smartphone it takes so much processing power to merge every each frame.

According to the Qualcomm official website, Snapdragon 710 is not compatible with 960fps video record. It can record 120fps maximum framerate.

If They Tweak With Camera App

Yes, it possible but still if you’re seeing Galaxy S9+ or S10 device can be record actual footage of 960fps.

When you’re recording a slow-motion video and put it on Adobe Premiere Pro or professional video editing software. just stretch it and count the actual number of frame per second the device recorded.

Just think about a 960-fps video of the 10-second clip you recorded and put it on video editing software if that clip recorded 1-second clip at 30 fps or 24 fps then its an actually slow motion video.

Is Realme 3 Pro 960 fps Video Fake!

Yes, the device only can record 240 fps which is not in the camera app. We stretch it and found 1-second clip has 7.2 fps instead of 30 fps. That is the reason the video is very jerky.

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