Realme Shows 125-Watt Charing (UltraDART)

Among the manufacturers of smartphones that are actively working to speed up the charging process of their devices, the realme brand has also joined. During the next presentation, company representatives demonstrated how fast their latest UltraDART technology works with a maximum power of 125 watts.

According to the manufacturer, using a new 125-watt power supply, the user can expect that in just 3 minutes the battery of a smartphone with a capacity of 4000 mAh will charge up to 33%. The complete “buildup” of the gadget with such a battery will take only 20 minutes, while the temperature of its case will not exceed 40 ° C.

The company demonstrated the capabilities of UltraDART technology in the form of animation. Representatives of realme also noted that the brand plans to expand the range of 5G-devices that support the new standard “refueling”. According to the company, despite its impressive performance, UltraDART Fast Charging has almost no effect on battery life.

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