Recent All iOS Version Jailbreak: Hackers Released

The “war” between Apple and the supporters of customization has been going on for several years – the company is trying hard to protect iOS from hacking, and enthusiasts are looking for a way to circumvent restrictions that do not allow them to customize the OS. The confrontation comes with varying success, but this time the hackers won a symbolic victory. The jailbreak team Unc0ver announced that it managed to patch even the latest iOS 13.5, and Cupertino’s release will take at least several weeks.

A well-known network of enthusiasts introduced an updated tool for accessing the file system iPhone and iPad. The latest version of special software allows you to jailbreak all iOS revisions, from 11.0 to 13.5 inclusive, using the zero-day vulnerability. 

The Unc0ver website says that users should not worry about the security of personal data, as “jailbreak just adds exceptions to existing rules.” According to enthusiasts, the new version of the software is stable and does not lead to accelerated battery drain. Users who have installed the new Unc0ver team tool will be able to download applications from alternative stores such as AltStore and Cydia.

More details about the features of the next Unc0ver jailbreak can be found on our forum . Apple hasn’t yet officially reacted to breaking the latest version of iOS.

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