Redmi Note 10 Comes with 5G Network and MediaTek Dimensity 820 SoC

Xiaomi’s upcoming smartphone of Redmi Note series the Redmi Note 10. and it remains some old specifications and changes some minor things on this phone. The new Redmi Note 10 has come with 5G network connectivity support and OLED display as GSMArena posted on their article.

The device is powering by MediaTek Dimensity 820 SoC chipset which support 5G networks and older LTE network protocols. Also supports dual-band wifi, OLED display, and some features like the main camera and selfie remain same sensor and the same design as we have seen in Redmi Note 9 Devices. However, there are only three cameras on the back now instead of four (we’re not sure which one bit the dust, but if it’s the depth sensor, we won’t cry for it).

The display of this device has FHD+ with 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution and front side it has 16MP camera sensor for a selfie. So it is confirmed.

The MediaTek Dimensity 820 has 2.6GHz in big core and remains has only 2.0GHz peak speed. The device can record 4K video recording, something the Note 9 can’t do.

The Dimensity 820 will be unveiled on May 18, by the way, which may not be a coincidence – we expect to the see Xiaomi lift the veil off the Redmi Note 10 pretty soon.

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