Samsung “Fixed” The Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera With a New Update

Recently, the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra noticed an unpleasant feature of the camera of the flagship smartphone, which was expressed in errors when focusing at a minimum distance. The new firmware fixed the problem by changing the shooting algorithm taking into account the features of the main sensor of the device.

The described bug was manifested when trying to take close-up shots of objects in low light conditions. Given that the flagship camera includes a 108-megapixel sensor with a shallow depth of field and a large focal length, you can get a macro image using it only under certain conditions.

After the release of the firmware with the number G98xxXXU2ATE6 in the regular application “Camera” on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, accompanying warnings appeared that appear at the moment when the device’s camera cannot focus. These notifications suggest the owner to use the Close-Up Zoom function and slightly move the lens away from the subject – at this moment, automatic scaling takes place, thanks to which the module switches to 1.5 times the zoom mode without the physical need to bring the smartphone closer to the object. 

Given that the use of the function provides only the operation of optics and a high resolution sensor of 108 megapixels, the image quality will not suffer. Samsung representatives note that when shooting, it is worth considering the features of the lens installed in the smartphone, which does not provide for the ability to work at a critically close distance.

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