Samsung Introduced the Selfie Keyboard [VIDEO]

Samsung introduced technology that can replace the traditional keyboards of smartphones, tablets, and even computers. Instead of physical or touch buttons, the new development of the South Korean vendor uses any flat surface next to the gadget as an input device. At CES, the company demonstrated an alternative typing technique in practice

SelfieType technology uses a smartphone selfie module or laptop webcam to record finger movements on a flat surface. A special AI algorithm processes this data and converts it into keystrokes when entering text, allowing you to print without touching the device. Unlike holographic keyboards, development does not require the installation of a special projector in the gadget’s case.

It should be noted that aimlessly drumming your fingers on the table next to the smartphone does not make sense. The virtual keyboard is effective primarily for experienced users who are accustomed to “touch typing” and know the location of the standard layout. At the current stage of development, only English input language is supported, and later it is planned to expand the list of print languages. The date of the appearance of the SelfieType function in consumer devices has not yet been announced.

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