Samsung Patents A Hinge With Its Own Display For Flexible Smartphones

Samsung regularly patents the design of not only finished smartphones but also individual structural elements. A new application from the electronics manufacturer describes an unusual hinge mechanism for bendable gadgets, equipped with its own LED matrix, which acts as an independent service display.

Samsung’s filing with the World Intellectual Property Organization describes a hinge mechanism with an LED display on the outside. The designers of the LetsGoDigital edition studied the corresponding drawings and created a realistic render of a smartphone that can be equipped with such a solution.

According to patent filings , the hinge will have a module of six LEDs that are hidden inside the hinge. From above, such a miniature matrix will be covered with a diffuser layer. The resulting one will act as an indicator showing various indicators of a smartphone – for example, the remaining battery charge.

Now such a solution exists only on paper – according to rumors, the foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may receive the original function, but this information has not yet been confirmed by the manufacturer.

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