Sony Camera Can Transfer Real Objects into Virtual Worlds

Sony has filed for a patent that could revolutionize the virtual reality market. The company came up with a camera that allows you to scan any real object and place it in a virtual space for further interaction.

The developers of the Japanese company have already tried to patent this technology, but in the past, this attempt was not successful. Subsequently, Sony has significantly improved the invention and now intends to repeat the patent application.

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The idea behind the technology is the ability to scan any object in the real world with a camera to then interact with it in the virtual world. The patent does not specify exactly how the device will work. It is possible that the user will need to manually remove the desired object from all sides, but it is possible that the camera will automatically scan objects in the room. It is worth noting that Sony smartphones have had a similar function for quite a long time.

It is expected that users of the metaverse will appreciate the opportunity to bring favorite and necessary items from everyday life into the virtual world without additional difficulties. The development will be useful for the creators of computer games. They will be able to scan objects instead of modeling them, which will save a lot of time.

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