Sound Vibration Technology Solves Bad Cinema Seats

Flexound Augmented Audio has created a unique cinema seating. It is reported to erect a kind of sound bubble around the viewer, thus providing a completely new level of perception of the film. 

In many cinemas, there is a problem with the location of the audience during the show, and the best sound is not available in all parts of the hall. The Flexound Pulse system is capable of realizing audio effects for each viewer individually. Vibro-acoustic interface Flexound Augmented Audio is based on physical vibration and creates multi-sensory sound.

Inside the chair is a vibrating deck and an electromagnetic driver integrated into the seat cushion. Flexound engineers assure that people are able to feel vibrations up to 500 Hz with their bodies and up to 1000 Hz with their hands and skin. Pulse chairs act as a personal sound bubble where the viewer can not only hear, but also feel the vibrations.

“Unlike loudspeakers, which vibrate in the air, Flexound Augmented Audio emits vibration through the foam, providing a soft listening experience in the near field,” the company explains.

The technology can find application not only in cinemas, but also in the automotive industry. In the future, Flexound believes sound vibrations will be found in home theaters, gaming chairs, boardroom furniture, relaxation rooms, and many other household items.

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