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The 9 Best Web Apps for University and College Students

A Web app (Web application) is a program for an application hosted on remote servers and transmitted via the Internet via a browser interface. Web applications are Web apps in the sense that they are defined, and a large number, but not all, websites include Web applications. Based on Web.AppStorm Editor Jarel Remick, every site component that serves a purpose for the user is a Web app. Web application.


Web-based applications can be developed to meet a range of purposes and are utilized by everyone from an enterprise to an individual user for various reasons. Most commonly employed Web applications could include online calculators, webmail, and e-commerce stores. Certain Web applications are only accessible through a particular browser; however, most are accessible to all browsers.

Web Application Vs. Different types of applications

Within mobile computing, Web apps are sometimes distinguished from native applications, software designed specifically for a specific platform or device and installed on a particular device. But the two aren’t in any way different. Native apps are downloaded and specifically designed for the device they are downloaded for. Native apps typically use the device’s hardware, like the GPS or camera within the mobile native app.

1. Evernote


All your notes are in a single location that is easily accessible whenever you are connected to the Internet. Have to find something. Evernote can do it.

2. Todoist


Best for Task management. Suppose you’re searching for the most effective planner software to help students stay organized, one that can work across all devices, records your performance, and enables you to manage everything in your life and activities. In that case, you should familiarize yourself with Todoist.

3. RefME


Do you hate having to reference your research papers and essays? Work? Sign up for the group.

It can be a long procedure, particularly if you cannot keep track of the books or resources you’ve used throughout the process. It’s good to know that RefME has created smart software that makes exploring and writing about resources more efficient, thereby saving your hours (and many headaches).

For those who are just beginning their studies, The app offers hundreds of educational resources open to the public. That is a great starting point to start your academic studies and encourage further studies, and it will help you avoid hours of searching through Google and trying to locate the right papers to study.

4. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the perfect tool to organize your busy schedule. Please use it to keep on top of deadlines for your classes and club events.

Download Google Calendar for iOS in the Apple App Store or Android through the Google Play Store.

Google Calendar does not sell the user’s data; it only gathers information to enhance the user experience.

5. Venmo


Venmo is a must-have app for every college student. It is a free application that allows you to transfer funds between and among your friends and makes it easy to share the cost of food, drinks, gas, and meals. Maybe you’re trying to get some money from your parents at home, and this is as simple as two taps.

6. MS Office Lens

MS Office Lens

Office Lens from Microsoft lets you transform your whiteboard slides, notes, books, receipts, and other items into editable texts that you can share. Sitting in an unnatural position in class will also help reduce the reflection on the board, making it more readable. You won’t have to lose the delivery receipt, and your roommate will not get free of the bill once more.

7. Mathway


is for: Managing homework problems

For students who may face number crunching and other Mathematics problems during their study, Mathway is one of the top student apps that focus on helping you solve issues and understanding how to get to the answer.

8. CampusBooks


This is among the most beneficial applications for your wallet and your brain. We’re all aware that the way the market (erm…scam) that is college textbooks has become a bit absurd, so anything that helps take on the guy is an advantage.

CampusBooks scans the web to locate the lowest rental or purchase price and the most favorable return rates for when you need to earn pennies on the dollar for the amount you spent. If you’re looking to purchase the book right away, the app can show the nearest stores with the lowest prices. It’s only 25 years before you’re free of debt that’s crippling!

9. Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary

It is the best option for Academic writing and reading

Are you fed up with taking heavy and bulky books around every day? Get your dictionary wherever you move with the no-cost Mobile version of Oxford University Press’ Oxford English Dictionary.

With over 150 years of study to its credit, The Oxford Dictionary of English is recognized as the most authoritative source for the research and analysis of the English language. It is an indispensable tool for academics everywhere.


According to your college and course, the assignments, readings, and grades will be within these apps. You might want to keep the notifications off, except if you don’t want to discover you failed midterms while attending a party.

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