The Most Exciting Games to Play on Mobile

With the advance of technology and the internet, mobile gaming has seen a phenomenal growth in popularity. Now, thanks to the convenience, affordability, variety, and social interaction they offer, millions of people around the world enjoy playing games on their smartphones. Here’s our list of some of the most exciting mobile games out there.

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Clash Royale

The popularity of this title has spawned multiple imitators, as competitors have tried to get a piece of the action, but Clash Royale remains the original and best. This card-battling strategy game is played out on a simple two-lane battlefield as players use their deck of cards to destroy the oppositions defensive towers. 

Developed by the hugely successful Supercell, the graphics, sound effects, difficulty rating, and learning curve are all excellent. Most characters will be familiar to fans of Clash of Clans, but there are plenty of exclusive cards here too, making it an excellent addition in its own right.

With lots of tournaments, game modes, and bonuses available, there’s always something new to try. Plus, regular game updates keep it all fresh and exciting.

Fishing Frenzy

Released in 2014, Fishin’ Frenzy is one of the original fishing slot titles and it remains a hugely popular game to this day. With fun, colourful graphics, a respectable RTP, and big cash wins on offer, it’s easy to see why.

Developed by Reel Time Gaming, the game is a five-reel, three-row slot that follows a fisherman as he goes fishing. The graphics are 2D cartoon style set underwater with a view of rocks, coral reefs and sunlight in a background. 

Fishin’ Frenzy Facts:

  • Developer: Reel Time Gaming (RTG)
  • Slot type: 2D Fishing video slot
  • RTP: 96.12%
  • Reels: Five
  • Paylines: 10
  • Volatility: Low to medium

With ten fixed paylines and low to medium volatility, wins are smaller but more frequent. There’s also a great selection of fishing symbols too, with Pelican, Buoy and Tackle Box, Cash Fish, Fishing Rod and Fisherman Wild among them.

All in all, Fishin’ Frenzy is just as entertaining as it was when it was first released, and fully deserves a spot on your mobile.

Idle Bank Tycoon: Money Empire

Ever wanted to be a rich banker, making millions as you build your empire and attract ever richer clients? Then this idle simulation clicker is the game for you! 

You begin by running a small bank, with the aim of expanding and building your banking empire. Print money, give out loans and credits, upgrade and expand locations, and attract ever richer clients.

If you need to take a break, no problem. Just hire some staff to keep the money coming in while you’re offline. Idle Bank Tycoon: Money Empire is a great offline tycoon simulator, but remember to choose your guards carefully if you want to keep hold of your money!

Have you got what it takes to become the ultimate tycoon?

EA Sports FC Mobile

The offshoot of the hugely successful FIFA soccer, EA FC Mobile is a great way to experience the immersive action of that title on a mobile. Replacing FIFA mobile, this version continues to feature real players, regular challenges and quests, and all the whistles and bells you expect from FIFA.

The game brings a new level of gameplay to your smartphone with new Impact Controls such as Power Shot, Knock On, and Hard Tackle, plus the addition of True Player Personality which is designed to make it more realistic than ever before.

You can also customise your team to suit your playing style, build an Ultimate Team of your favourite players, compete in online tournaments with friends or challenge players from around the world. Additionally, EA regularly updates the game with real-world changes that alter the in-game meta, making it even more realistic.


Pokémon GO

You have probably heard of Pokémon GO, even if you haven’t played it yet. Released back in 2016, it became something of a global phenomenon thanks to its use of augmented reality and location-based gameplay.

Players use their smartphones to track and capture monsters in their local area, making it the only game on this list that perfectly blends the latest technology with the benefits of mobile gaming. Regular updates including new Raid Bosses and Spotlight Hour events has kept Pokémon Go relevant and a great game for getting out and about and discovering your local area.

Among Us

This free-to-play online whodunnit offers players a modern take on the whodunnit genre. Set on a spaceship awaiting departure, players must beware of the imposter, (unless it’s them of course!) who runs around the ship murdering the crew.

The imposter wins if he succeeds in not being outed, while the rest of the crew must work together to unmask them before it’s too late. With online multiplayer gameplay, it’s a brilliant, easy to pick up game that’s perfect for playing with friends and family.

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