These Things Need to Improve in Realme Band

After release of Realme Band looks very stylish and funky for youth. but some number of issue ruin its sales. here some reasons why Realme Band failed. In this article share with you what that things Realme need to fix in realme band.

Although this band support interchangeable strap, support of heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, and other some sports activity tracking is quite good. The realme band priced at Rs 1499 in India to beat Mi Band 4 which cost Rs 2299. Bot still Xiaomi band somewhere failed in this band market.

Realme Band Issues

Here are few good thing and bad thing we faced after purchasing:

LCD Display:

Very poor display brightness not vibrant color and non-touch screen display. Outdoor visibility condition is very bad there are no way to increase brightness. Under moderate-to-strong sunlight, the Band is practically unusable.

Raise to Wake

Some times it is not working or working sometimes delayed, otherwise, you have to touch the screen to see the time.


Battery performance is good, strap quality good, and buckle type locking is very easy to use.

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight (20g), easy to ignore during sleep
  • Good battery life
  • Convenient charging method
  • Interchangeable straps
  • Helpful Water reminders
  • Step Counting works well
  • Landscape mode idea is neat
  • Realme Link app is a good first step
  • One-button navigation feels cumbersome and dated
  • Landscape mode needs to be toggled from Realme Link app every time
  • Strap material feels “too light” and cheap
  • Limited watch faces
  • Realme Link app has lots of room to improve.
    For example, it currently only focuses on tracking fitness and ignores providing advice and feedback such as PAI

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