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Tiny RTX 3060 and giant RTX 3090. Data on dimensions of some NVIDIA video cards leaked to the network

At the recent presentation of new video cards, NVIDIA gave a lot of news feeds for thematic media and generated as many rumors. For example, gamers have already begun to prepare for the release of the budget RTX 30XX series model. According to unconfirmed reports, it will be a miniature RTX 3060, which looks extremely comical in the company of the real giant RTX 3090.

Rumors about a budget model appeared in the summer of 2020, but now the mention of the video card was found in several sources at once. The first is the Palit manufacturer’s documentation , which lists several versions of the RTX 3060. The second is a screenshot from NVIDIA’s partner presentation showing a relatively small device.

Of course, the rumor may turn out to be false , and the design of the RTX 3060 will not match the screenshot, but such a video card looks at least funny against the background of its “older brother” RTX 3090. The latter, by the way, was shown together with a Mini-ITX motherboard – scary and funny especially considering the price and capabilities of this giant.

The presentation of the RTX 30XX line  took place on September 1 as part of the GeForce Special Event. NVIDIA not only told about new video cards, but also named the dates of their release on the market and approximate prices. The first three models from 3070 to 3090 will be released before the end of October, however, according to insiders , the devices will be in short supply until at least early 2021.

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