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Top 9 Best Hacking Apps 2019 Hackers Used

These hacking apps hackers are using for quick usage, we provide you with the top 9 best hacking apps 2019. An android hacking application used by ethical hackers for testing and research purpose. We have provided the relevant website and download links (Play Store or APK links) to help you get started instantly.

Disclaimer: Please note that Fossbytes is publishing this list just for educational purposes. We don’t support the use of any tool to indulge in unethical purposes.

Top 9 Best Hacking Apps 2019


Hackode 2019 apk has various functionality used by ethical hackers, IT specialists and penetration testers. Reconnaissance, Scanning, Security Feed these three function available in the application.

With this app, you can perform Google hacking, SQL Injection, MySQL Server, Whois, Scanning, DNS lookup, IP, MX Records, DNS Dif, Security RSS Feed, Exploits etc.

This app doesn’t require any private permission from users to operate.

Hackode Apk Download


zANTI is a very popular app among hackers, penetration testers and IT specialists. zANTI apk developed by Zimperium. This app allows security researchers to scan a network easily. This toolkit allows IT administrators to simulate an advanced hacking environment to detect multiple malicious techniques.

The various modules in the app are network mapping, port discovery, sniffing, packet manipulation, DoS, MITM, and more. it maps the entire network and sniffs the websites being visited along with their cookies — thanks to ARP cache poisoning on devices.

zANTI Apk Download


This tool enumerates local hosts, finds vulnerabilities and their exploits, cracks Wi-Fi password, installs backdoors, etc. cSploit apk is an advanced toolkit for professionals.

cSploit Apk Download


FaceNiff allows you to intercept and sniff WiFi network traffic. This Tool mainly used to snoop people’s Facebook, Twitter and other social network platforms.

FaceNiff apk is the most favourite tool for hackers because they can steal your cookie from your WiFi network and then they can easily log in to your account.

FaceNiff Apk Download


Droidbox apk offers dynamic data analysis app. Wide range of results about the hashes for the APK packages, network traffic, SMS and phone calls, information leaks via different channels etc.

This app helps you to analyse and visualize the behaviour of an app usage how a user using.


This app allows you to perform reverse engineering tricks. With this app, you can get the graphical features and analysis functions for the users to get a deep insight.

This app also can help you to get the source code of any Android applications and visualize the DEX code to erase the credits and license.

APKInspector Apk Download

Kali NetHunter

Open source Kali Linux NetHunter is the first open source penetration testing platform for Android-powered Nexus devices and OnePlus One. It supports Wireless 802.11 frame injection, HID keyboard, 1-click MANA Evil Access Point setups, BadUSB MITM attacks. etc.

Kali NetHunter Apk Download

USB Cleaver

This app used for the hacking purpose of stealing information from connected PCs.

This app can access browser passwords, Wi-Fi password and network information.

USB Cleaver Apk Download

Wi-Fi Kill

Wi-Fi Kill is a great hacking tool for rooted Android devices. Using this tool, one can disable a device’s internet connection if it’s connected to your network. In reality, it blocks the packet data going to a device.

USB Cleaver Apk Download



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