TSMC Delayed Production of 3nm Processor

In July of this year, TSMC planned to begin test production of processors using the 3-nm process technology, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the deadlines moved to October. According to new information, the company was once again forced to postpone the start of production. 

Reportedly, due to all the delays caused by the coronavirus, TSMC no longer has time to begin test production at 3-nm standards this year. Now the company hopes to conduct appropriate tests early next year. It is not yet clear whether this will affect the release of finished processors according to 3-nm standards, the release of which was previously planned in the second half of 2022.

According to a TSMC spokesperson, the company is currently focused on 7nm and 5nm process technology. The vendor has many orders with tight deadlines, which does not allow to fully switch to 3 nanometers. According to experts, such a delay may allow Samsung to narrow the gap with a competitor. At the same time, the South Korean company also  does not have time to start production on the 3-nm process technology in the planned time and has now given up all efforts to develop 5 nm.

Despite all the delays, TSMC has already begun research and development in the field of 2-nm technology.

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