Valorant No Recoil Script Logitech, Undetected 2020

Finally a no recoil script has been released here for Valorant game. this feature allows only Logitech mouse with DPI of 1200. Here you can download the latest valorant no recoil script.

Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer tactical first-person shooter developed and published by Riot Games, for Microsoft Windows. The game was announced under the codename Project A

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong with your game account. This topic is only meant for educational purposes, please don’t misuse the hack because many other things will cause your system to lose it potential

How to use Valorant No Recoil Script

You need any Logitech mouse which is compatible with G Hub first. Download Logitech G Hub.

  • Then, Download the script from below.
  • Now, under profiles, click scripting in any profile, and click create a new Lua script.
  • Paste the downloaded code from this post there, save.
  • Now Enjoy killing those nubs.

My Ingame Settings:

* in-game sens: 0.6
* multiplier: 0.999
* activate/deactivate by clicking G5.
* mouse sens: 1200dpi

Download No Recoil Script

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