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Vivo has developed a smartphone with a unique photo capability

In recent years, mobile cameras have developed rapidly. Sensors with a resolution of 108 megapixels and periscope lenses with a 10x magnification appeared. Judging by the new patent, vivo has found a way to make shooting with a smartphone much more intuitive and convenient.

The patent describes the design of a smartphone equipped with a virtually bezel-less screen and a round main camera module with four lenses, one of which appears to provide optical zoom. The description of the device also mentions the use of hybrid zoom technology, which is already common in smartphones in recent years, especially in flagships.

But the most interesting feature of the smartphone is a physical slider on the right edge for changing the zoom when using the camera. Traditionally, for this you need to make a swipe or “pinch”, which is not always convenient, especially with large devices. The presence of such a slider should simplify this process. 

A physical zoom control may well appear in one of the manufacturer’s future camera phones. 

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