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Vivo Unveils Improved RGBW Camera Sensor

At its own conference, the vivo brand presented a new generation of RGWB camera sensors with increased sensitivity. The peculiarity of photographs obtained with the help of the new sensor is that they retain natural color rendering, and the entire gamut looks as close as possible to a “live” picture.

According to representatives of vivo, the sensitivity of the new sensors compared to those used in modern smartphones has increased by 160%. The RGBW matrix sensor uses a white filter instead of a blue one, due to which such an increase in sensitivity is achieved. 

For example, the HUAWEI P8 smartphone uses another type of camera matrix – RYYB with the excluded green filter. During the presentation of the gadget, representatives of HUAWEI noted an increase in contrast by 32% and a decrease in the level of color noise when shooting in low light conditions by 78%.

In addition to increased sensitivity, vivo engineers have achieved significant gains in light transmission, eliminating the main disadvantage of RGBW – fragility. Vivo is confident that the first smartphones using the advanced sensor will appear in smartphones in the second half of 2021.

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