Wearable Sensors Can Now Be Printed Directly on Human Skin

Recently, more and more technologies have appeared that offer the integration of special implants into the human brain . A less invasive technique was developed by American researchers who learned to print wearable sensors directly on human skin.

Many people need constant monitoring of temperature and other indicators of the body. The use of overhead devices causes discomfort and inconvenience. It seems that the technology of printing such devices directly on human skin would be an excellent solution. The research team reports that the new method does not require high temperatures, eliminating burns and injuries.

wearable sensors

According to scientists, the process was previously impossible without heating the surface to 300 degrees. The new development is based on a flexible layer of polyvinyl alcohol, often used in cosmetic procedures, and calcium carbonate-containing eggshells. Due to its properties, the layer reduces the roughness of the board, allowing you to create a thin surface of metal patterns.

Ready-made sensors are capable of maintaining electromechanical properties during flexion, accurately registering the following indicators: temperature, humidity, blood oxygen levels and cardiac activity. The information received is transmitted wirelessly remotely. Such a “technological tattoo” can function for no more than two days. Then it can be easily removed without damaging the skin.

In the future, researchers want to expand the sensor’s capabilities, which will allow it to record more indicators, for example, symptoms associated with coronavirus.

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