Uncategorized · May 29, 2020

Western Digital Under The Guise of Fast Hard Drives Sold Slower

In relation to the American company Western Digital, which is engaged in the production of hard drives, a trial has begun.

Complaints began to come that WD incorrectly labeled hard drives – the company sold slower ones under the guise of fast drives.

WD deliberately hid that the well-known line of CMR disks WD Red, intended for use in RAID and NAS, these are ordinary SMR disks. Users complain about a decrease in system speed and crashes.  Hard drive models that are incorrectly labeled:

  • 3.5 “WD Red 2 TB, 3 TB, 4 TB, 6 TB (SKU: WD20EFAX, WD30EFAX, WD40EFAX, WD60EFAX)
  • 3.5 “WD Blue 2TB, 6 TB (SKU: WD20EZAZ, WD60EZAZ)
  • 2.5 “WD Blue 1 TB, 2 TB (SKU: WD10SPZX, WD20SPZX)
  • 2.5 “WD Black 1 TB (SKU: WD10SPSX)

At first, Western Digital executives denied the allegations, but in the end they were forced to plead guilty. Now buyers are preparing a massive lawsuit against the company. 


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