What Happen If I Install an m.2 SSD in RAM Slot

May you heard this for the first time but I’m not drunk, What will happen actually if I put an SSD on desktop RAM slot? You can see there are lots of adapters available in and the Chinese online market. The well known Chinese market selling this kind of adapters with various ranges of prices.

Just imagine, 128 GB of DDR4 RAM will cost 70 thousand rubles, and installing such an adapter along with a 128 GB hard drive will cost 2000 rubles. Why is this unidentified solution not in demand?

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Unfortunately, miracles do not happen. As it turned out, not everything is so simple. The hard drive does not know how to work as RAM. The speed of the fastest SSD is hundreds of times slower than the speed of RAM.

If you install such a design in the computer, you can use it only as a swap file, pre-assigning swap to this miracle of a Chinese invention.

Then why is it installed in the RAM slot? Not quite clear. Connecting the hard drive to the system is done using the SATA connector, which is installed on the top of the adapter.

This design is completely useless. By connecting the m2 SSD to the native connector and assigning a page file to it, we get the same result. The DDR slot does not matter here. And we get a nice adapter from m2 to SATA. One can only guess why this device is on sale.

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