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Windows 10 Build 21343 Icons Pack Download

Microsoft is going to launch Windows 10 Build 21343 with new icon packs which looks fresh and all of them set by default. If you’re using Windows 10 for while you can see their a lot of time they made no changes in icon pack. So finally Microsoft is changing their icons list. Here in this article you can download windows 10 build 21343 icons pack in zip file.

Microsoft is currently testing the updated UI in the Insider Preview and it will take some time for coming.

Windows 10 Build 21343 icons Pack

The new Windows 10 icons are available for use in a variety of formats depending on how you want to set them up.

Here are the choices:

  1. You can download the Windows 10 Icons ZIP file which has all the new icons in the .ICO format. You can use these icons to manually change the icons in Windows 10.
  2. You can use the automated installer versions such as 7TSP or iPack format. This way you can this theme with 1 click. I recommend this method for easier setup.
  3. Windows 10 icons are also available in .PNG and .ICNS formats. You can use the .PNG icons in Windows and .ICNS icons in Mac.

Please note that this version is only compatible with Windows 10 1903 and higher.

Windows 10 Icons iPack theme

iPack is another popular and easy way to install custom icons in Windows machines. Unlike 7TSP GUI, you don’t need a separate installer to install the custom themes.

All you need is download and install the icon pack theme just like any other Windows application. You can download the Windows 10 iPack Icon Theme here:


How to install?

  1. Download and extract the zip file.
  2. Double click on the ‘Windows 10 Insider.exe‘ and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Reboot your machine once the installation completes.

Windows 10 Icons ZIP file (.ico format)

You can download the below file which constrains all the icons in .ICO format which is compatible with Windows 10.


Please note that this format is only supported by Windows OS.

Windows 10 Icons ZIP file (.png format)

.png is a popular file format and is also natively supported by Windows 10 out of the box. If you fancy using .PNG icons over .ICO icons, you can grab the below file.


Windows 10 Icons for Mac (.icns format)

.icns format is specifically built for and supported only by Mac computers. The icons in Mac are officially stored in .icns format and you can use the below zip file to get all the new Windows 10 icons in .icns format.


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