Windows 10X UI Design Leaked Before Release World Wide

Microsoft continues to actively develop the Windows 10X operating system, which targets mid-range and budget notebooks. Thanks to insiders, it became known how the interface of the new Microsoft brainchild and the boot animation when the device is turned on will look like.

Unlike the classic versions of the OS, the icons on the taskbar, including the virtual start menu button in the new system, judging by the screenshot that has been lit up on the network, will be located in the center of the screen. In addition, shortcuts to frequently launched applications appear in the search menu. Insiders also posted a demo of the initial OS setup process and a boot animation.

The interface itself will be made in a minimalistic style, reminiscent of solutions for mobile devices. It is expected that the release assembly will be sent to laptop manufacturers in the next few weeks.

Initially, Windows 10X was positioned as an operating system for mobile devices with two displays, but later Microsoft reoriented it to the segment of low-cost laptops. Thus, according to analysts, the company plans to impose competition on devices running Google Chrome OS in the laptop market.

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