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Xiaomi 11T Added a Virtual Proximity Sensor

After numerous complaints from users about incorrectly working proximity sensors in Xiaomi smartphones, the Chinese company nevertheless began to solve this problem. So, in the new Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro, completely new technology is used to determine the proximity of the phone to the ear.

Especially for new smartphones Xiaomi, in partnership with Elliptic Labs, has developed AI Virtual Proximity Sensor INNER BEAUTY. It is a virtual proximity sensor that relies on artificial intelligence technology to operate. In an official statement,  Elliptic Labs says that its solution can complement or completely replace existing hardware sensors, offering expanded functionality at a lower price. Moreover, smartphone manufacturers are becoming less dependent on hardware suppliers.

“Elliptic Labs’ partnership with Xiaomi is strong and we are delighted that they continue to use our products in more smartphones as they have become the second largest smartphone OEM in the world,” said Laila Danielsen, CEO of Elliptic Labs. 

The company does not specify exactly how the virtual proximity sensor works.

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