Xiaomi explains why smartphones on MediaTek are slower to update

Recently, an increasing number of new smartphones are equipped with MediaTek processors, which many users do not like. One of the reasons is the long wait times for updates compared to devices based on Qualcomm chips. A Xiaomi spokesperson explained why this is happening.

Xiaomi explains why smartphones on MediaTek are slower to update

Xiaomi’s Lee Min posted a post on social media Weibo explaining why there is a difference in the timing of the update for devices based on MediaTek and Qualcomm chips. According to him, Google is providing the code for new versions of Android to both companies in advance so that they can implement support for their processors. The difference is that Qualcomm has more staff and several teams are working in parallel with each other to adapt updates. At MediaTek, fewer employees are assigned to this task, so they have to gradually optimize the code for their chipsets. As a result, devices based on MediaTek processors often fall into the second or even third wave of updates.

Although MediaTek’s approach takes more time, Li Ming insists that it also has its advantages. So, the company can identify and fix errors already during the adaptation of the update for the first batch of processors, taking them into account in the future. Thus, fewer devices will be affected. On the other hand, Qualcomm releases updates faster, but there is a risk that an unnoticed bug will immediately hit many gadgets.

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