Xiaomi Revealed A Flagship Device Patent

There is every chance that Xiaomi inadvertently revealed the design of one of its future flagship devices. At least, such a conclusion can be drawn from the images found in one of the latest patents for the design of the smartphone of the Chinese company.

The patent was filed with the National Intellectual Property Office of China back in April last year, but only today, July 2, it appeared in the office’s database. It describes four design options for a smartphone that may well come out in the foreseeable future. They differ mainly in the location of the front camera and the shape of the body.

In all versions, the screen has minimal bezels and has a bend on the sides (only in the third model it is flat). A smartphone may have one or two front cameras in a hole in the center or in the corner of the display. At the back is a triple camera unit with vertically positioned lenses, the lower one of which is square, hinting at the design of a periscope with a large optical zoom.

Interestingly, in most of the images, the smartphone lacks physical shutdown and volume buttons. It is unclear if this is an oversight of the designer or if Xiaomi is really considering abandoning them. In addition, of all the options, the fourth model stands out, in which the body has a rectangular shape, while in the rest the corners are strongly rounded. 

So far, there are no guarantees that Xiaomi will use this design in its future smartphones, but it is clearly in line with all current trends.

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