Xiaomi smart speaker with assistant and alarm clock costs $ 20

Xiaomi has released an updated version of the Speaker Play speaker. It includes many features and provides access to an extensive library of audiobooks. The column can play playlists, and the built-in alarm clock will not allow you to oversleep an important meeting.

This time, users will get a true multimedia entertainment machine. The device is controlled by voice. It has a smart assistant Xiaomi XiaoAI to access various functions and to manage more than 6,000 items of home appliances.

A 360-degree diffuser is responsible for the high sound quality, which has improved the performance of the previous model. You can access numerous settings from your smartphone, and listen to audiobooks in your free time.

The small LED screen is capable of displaying hours and short text messages. Outside of China, some features will not be available (for example, syncing QQ playlists and access to the popular Himalaya and Dragonfly FM platforms). The cost of the column will be 129 yuan, which corresponds to $ 20.

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