Yamaha Going to Release Two Models of Electric Scooter

Yamaha has further developed its E01 and E02 electric scooter concepts for the European and Asian markets. They have undergone major changes compared to the versions that were shown at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Both models should go on sale in 2022.

Yamaha E01 Model Scooter

The Yamaha E01 will meet European and Asian regulations for the 125cc scooter class. The estimated power output will be 11 kW or 15 horsepower. The vehicle will be able to accelerate to a maximum of 90 km / h.

Yamaha E02

Yamaha E02 will be much smaller than its counterpart and will fall into the class of mopeds with an engine up to 50 cubic centimeters. It will be equipped with a two-person seat and lightweight batteries. To compensate for the shorter autonomy, the model will have the ability to replace the battery, which will increase the cruising range.

The exact dates for the sale and prices of the scooters have not yet been announced.

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