YouTube Vanced is Officially Discontinued By Developers

The creators of YouTube Vanced have officially announced the termination of work on the popular application. The reason for the decision was legal claims – soon the official website of the project with links to download the application will be closed.

The corresponding announcement appeared on the developers’ Twitter blog. According to them, in the coming days, download links for all versions of the Vanced client will be removed from the site for legal reasons. Further development of the application is also stopped, and the fate of its still functioning versions is still unknown. The developers also thanked the users for their many years of support.

“We were asked to change the logo and remove all links related to YouTube products,” the Vanced team administrator told The Verge .

The modified YouTube client has become famous largely due to the ad-skip feature, including integrations built into the videos. Other features of the free app included background playback, picture-in-picture mode, brightness controls on the mobile version, dark UI support for AMOLED screens, the return of the dislike counter, and other useful options.

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