ZMI Unveils 65-Watt Universal Charger for $ 22

Xiaomi sub-brand, ZMI electronics manufacturer specializing in accessories, has unveiled a new universal power supply. The gadget received a maximum power of 65 W, multiple ports for connecting different devices at the same time and a foldable power plug design.

The new ZMI received three ports that allow simultaneous charging of multiple devices. In this mode, USB Type-C is capable of providing a maximum output power of up to 43 W, and USB Type-A connectors – up to 18 W. When powered only by Type-C, its maximum performance reaches 65W. According to ZMI, this is enough to fully charge the flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi10 Ultra from 0% to 100% in just 28 minutes.

The universal power supply can also be used to charge laptops that meet power requirements. The accessory is provided only in a black case and is equipped with a folding fork for easy transport. The start of sales of new items in China is scheduled for September 3 this year at a price of $ 22.

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