ZTE Showed Second Generation Subscreen Camera and 3D Scanner

At the MWC 2021 in Shanghai, ZTE held its own showcase where it introduced the second generation of its sub-screen camera technology. During the event, the manufacturer showed a working prototype of the smartphone and talked about key improvements.

One of the key improvements has been an increase in pixel density in the display area where the camera is located. If in last year’s ZTE Axon 20 5G this figure was 200 dpi, then in the second generation the value was doubled, to 400 ppi. In addition, the refresh rate of the entire matrix has been increased from 90 to 120 Hz.

Another announcement from ZTE is the world’s first structured light technology under the screen. On its basis, accurate face scanning can be carried out to securely unlock mobile devices. In addition, such a sensor can be used for 3D modeling and augmented reality.

The timing of the appearance of both developments in commercial devices is not reported.

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