Clickbait Trojan Stealing People’s Passwords

Every hacker want to spy users data to generate huge amount of money from them, now hackers came up with a great way to steal users password and attack people’s PCs, so they created a trojan

which in one name convinced employees of large companies to open it, and then sent their data to a remote server.

Dell Secureworks, published a report revealing the principle of operation of the “tricky” file. The authorship of the Trojan is attributed to the hacker groups APT33 and Helix Kitten , from the attacks of which some organizations have already suffered. The hacking method turned out to be unpretentious – the attackers just picked up the “correct” name for the spreadsheet stuffed with virus code.

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How it’s Working?

Hackers titled it as the “25 worst passwords of 2017”, hackers managed to convince employees of large companies to open the file out of curiosity: many wanted to laugh at other people’s mistakes. Then a trojan entered the file, copying the personal data of the victims to the hacker server. In a similar pattern, text documents were distributed with the heading “Security Guide” containing up-to-date instructions for installing antivirus and selecting strong passwords. While the user studied the received text, his confidential information leaked to the network.

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