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Discord Doesn’t Work While Playing Battlefield 2042

Several reddit user have been reported that Discord Doesn’t Work While Playing Battlefield 2042. In this issue people have facing Discord features stop working. Audio, microphone, Discord Overlay, and other important features are among the features available on the platform today. So here below some tips has wrote down below hopefully it works fine today.

Why Discord Doesn’t Work While Playing Battlefield 2042? There are variery reasons have such as:

  1. Lacking Administrator Permissions: In order to properly access sound devices, it may be necessary to have administrator privileges in some cases. Make sure that the Discord executable has administrator permissions.
  2. Old Drivers: Old drivers for your sound and display devices may be the source of this issue, which you should address by updating them to the most recent versions available on the manufacturer’s website.
  3. Lacking Microphone Permissions: It’s possible that your microphone is preventing Discord from accessing it, in which case you should allow the Discord app to access your microphone in the Settings/Control Panel.

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