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Download OnePlus Gallery App For Any Android V3.7.19

At the first time of this year 2019 in May OnePlus pull of the beta program of OnePlus Gallery app, and after few requests from developers they set it again in the beta program and today, they launched the new beta version OnePlus Gallery app 3.7.19 and included they HEIC image format for viewing supports.

With the new feature, users will be able to open HEIC images within the gallery without the need to convert them to a supported format first. This update falls in line with the recent changes to the OnePlus Switch app which reintroduced support for iPhone data migration. The included HEIC support in the Gallery app now means that iPhone users migrating to a OnePlus device will be able to access all their photos with ease. It’s also quite possible that OnePlus has added HEIC support in preparation for updates to the camera app, which might introduce HEIC output in a future release.

What is HEIC Image Format

According to the Macworld HEIC image format is Apple standard High-Efficiency Image Format (HEIC) and this way Apple has outlines its use is to store still images encoded with the HVAC (H.265) video format.

Download OnePlus Gallery Apk 3.7.19

You can download beta version Oneplus Gallery 3.7.19 for any Android devices

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