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Ubuntu 21.04 ISO Download (Hirsute Hippo) For Free 64bit [Desktop & Server]

popular Linux distro Ubuntu launched their Ubuntu 21.04 release ISO for desktop and server-side image based on 64bit architecture. Here in this article, you can download ubuntu 21.04 iso for desktop and server. This is not an LTS version of Ubuntu 21.04 right now you can get Ubuntu 20.04 LTS image

What’s New?

  • Linux 5.11 kernel base.
  • This version good for 9 month of usage.
  • GNOME 3.38 based system [not coming with 3.40 the latest version]
  • The new Ubuntu release comes with Flutter SDK snap build integration and a new dark theme that promises “accessibility improvements in navigation, and new file icons”.
  • Support for smartcard authentication added.
  • Desktop View “handles drag & drop operations” properly.
  • Power Profile can be changed from the settings.
  • Pipewire support enabled by default.
  • Installer includes new option to create a recovery key to decrypt encrypted disks if the password is lost.
  • Several applications were updated to their GNOME 4.0 versions, e.g. Firefox, LibreOffice or Thunderbird.
  • Ubuntu Server gets Rails 6 support.

Download Ubuntu 21.04 ISO Image for Desktop and Server 64bit

How to Update Ubuntu 20.04 to Ubuntu 21.04?

If you are looking for a development version of Ubuntu 21.04 then follow this command:

update-manager command
update-manager -d
Ubuntu 21.04 updates appear

After the Software Updater finishes checking for updates, it’ll show you a message that reads.
The software is up-to-date. However, Ubuntu 20.10 is now available (you have “your Ubuntu version”)
Click on upgrade. The process might take 30-45 minutes to complete depending on your internet’s speed.

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